Burn Calories with the Household

Burn calories with the household

Burning calories does not have to be difficult at all and going to the gym every time is not necessary. Nowadays you can get enough exercise with just staying at home.

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories with your daily activities, even during your sleep? There are a lot of household tasks that you do every day and that you definitely use energy. If you want to know how many calories you can consume and what, then I have listed some household items below.

Burn calories with … Bevery Fund


Working in the garden for an hour burned 350 kcal.

30 minutes of lawn mowing burned 166 kcal.

The bed change and make up burned 140 kcal.

30 minutes of floor mopping burned 170 kcal.

Wash your car thoroughly and vacuum clean 310 kcal.

Scrubbing the bathroom burns 400 kcal.

Fifteen stairs climbing 152 kcal.

The house vacuuming burns 190 kcal.

Ironing the laundry burned 140 kcal.

Walking the groceries burned 275 kcal.

You burn 135 kcal with cooking.

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